Creative Director
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Adidas: Predator

Adidas: Predator

A Re-launch That Reimagined Augmented Reality


In celebration of the re-launch of the all new Predator shoes, adidas wanted to create an innovative, never-been-done-before installation to engage sneaker fanatics and drive point of purchase. Through a first-ever interactive experience, we combined Augmented Reality and Projection Mapping to do exactly that. By stepping inside a multi-functional shipping container, consumers were transported into three unique worlds – one for each Predator style (Street, Cage & Cleat)  – unlike anything they’ve seen.


From being immersed into seriously stunning digital artistry, to viewing detailed 360 close-ups of the adidas kicks, to watching a motion captured soccer player perform dribbles wearing them – each part of the viewer’s journey encouraged play in unforgettably cool settings. Last but certainly not least, this project charted new territory for Jam3, as we completed motion capture, 2D animation, customized sound recordings, development, projection mapping, hardware build and final integration in a matter of 3 weeks. Yeah you read that right.

  • Client: Adidas Soccer USA
  • Role: Creative Director
  • Responsibilities: Concept, Visual Direction and Project Oversight