Creative Director
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Kingsman: Become A Kinsgman Knight

A gamified trailer


In case you’ve never seen the movie (you should), Kingsman is an action spy film directed by Matthew Vaughn, based on Dave Gibbons and Mark Millar’s comic book, The Secret Service. A dapper  veteran secret agent, played by Colin Firth,  sees potential in a young protégé and guides him  into the world of espionage. The film’s villain, Mr Valentine, is a tech-billionaire who wants to control the world by using free SIM cards, so he can bring about a genocidal solution to global climate change. It’s a must-watch

Players begin the second screen experience by connecting their smartphone to their desktop and using it to control the action happening on the larger screen. The two devices are linked and can exchange up to 25 interactions per second—kind of like their phone is an extension of the larger screen.

Using touch and swipe action and a virtual compass to control the outcome of missions, players have the opportunity to prove their skills as a potential Kingsman agent.

  • Client: Google Zoo & Fox

  • Role: Creative Director

  • Responsibilities: Concept, Visual Direction and Project Oversight