Creative Director

Stella: The Art Of Flight


We partnered with London-based agency Mother to create a Wimbledon-inspired VR experience for Stella Artois, one of the Championships official sponsors. Wanting to attract as many Londoners as possible, we set up a four-day installation in Waterloo station on the first day of the Championships. (Fun fact: Around a quarter of a million people travel through the station on a daily basis).

The Perfect Flight is an Oculus and Google Cardboard 4D VR experience that lets users become Rufus the Hawk, Wimbledon’s official pigeon scarer. They immerse themselves in the experience using the Oculus headset and noise-cancelling headphones, all while they are harnessed onto a custom-built surface that rotates from side to side. The user is surrounded by five fans, which simulate wind and make the experience even more immersive.

Users could also relive the experience on the Fly Like Rufus microsite on desktop, mobile and tablet. They could watch the intro video of Rufus describing his experience as a pigeon-scarer or skip past that and go straight to the 360 experience. Using their arrow keys or mouse, users could explore their surroundings and soar through the Wimbledon skies.

On mobile, users could rotate the view using the phone’s gyroscope. If it so happened that their browser didn’t support 360 videos, we played 2D video in a YouTube player as a solution. Users could share the experience on social networks from the microsite as well.

Creative Lead/Concept

Cardboard | Microsite | Installation